Yes, we all should be cognizant of our foot health, especially when performing the simple undertaking of a pedicure. Many of us frequent nail salons for this treatment with trust and assumptions that the individual performing the treatment is qualified. The truth is that anyone can perform a pedicure with little or no formal education without requiring liability insurance.  Make the right choice when considering your health. Seek the professional......ask Victoria Azarenka!


NEW YORK — Two-time Australian Open champion Victoria Azarenka still will not trust her feet to pedicure shops after a toe infection on her right foot that forced her out of a January WTA Brisbane semi-final.

"I haven't gone back yet to a regular pedicure place, that's for sure. I'm still terrified to do that," the second seed from Belarus admitted Saturday after advancing to the fourth round of the US Open.

"There was something unusual because it happened before I came to Brisbane while I was playing in Thailand. I could cope with the pain a little bit. It was going worse and worse and worse, and my toe blew up.

"When the doctor told me, 'I have to go and cut under the nail,' I almost fainted right there. They said it might be OK for the next day but probably not."

As a result, Serena Williams advanced to the final in a walkover.

"That was a very tough decision for me to take, but I knew that if I don't take that decision, it will jeopardize my next tournament. It was definitely tough. And very unusual."

When it comes to her toenails these days, Azarenka opts for a sport podiatrist or takes care of it herself.

"My priority is my performance, so I learn how to do it myself or I go to a sport pedicure," Azarenka said. "So maybe I don't have the perfect pedicure with French toenails, but I don't have to worry about that."