Car Insurance Cost: The Full Picture

Car Insurance Cost: The Full Picture

Having some background knowledge about the following major factors will help you understand your car insurance costs better and make educated decisions when it choosing plans.

Shopping Around for Car Insurance

When it comes to buying car insurance, you should plan to shop around.  You need to get at least a few different quotes from different companies before deciding which one seems the most appropriate for your specific situation.  You can do this research in person at different agencies, on the phone or even online. Certain websites will allow you to search for multiple quotes at a time which can be useful as a starting point.

Types of Car Insurance

Some car insurance is required while other types are just recommended.  Laws regarding mandatory car insurance vary somewhat from state to state but there are two types that are mandatory across the board, in every state: property damage liability and bodily injury liability.  If you are financing your car there are two other required types of car insurance: collision and comprehensive.  Sometimes the financer of your car loan will provide these, so check with them before buying from an agent.  Aside from mandatory car insurance, there are recommended types of car insurance that protect you from a wide array of problems that could arise from damage to your car or involvement in an accident.

Discounts which Could be Helpful to You

To maximize your chances of getting the most discounts, you need to know what discounts to look for.  There are a lot of discounts out there and some of them are harder to find than others.  Some of the more obvious discounts can come to you based on any of the following criteria: the type of car you own, the safety and anti-theft devices on your car, the number of accidents you have been involved in, the number of traffic or speeding tickets you have received, your credit history, and where you live. You may be eligible for another big discount if your homeowners/renters insurance comes from the same company as your car insurance.  And if you insure more than one car, ask each company about any discounts they give as family plans.

The Full Picture of Car Insurance Cost

The car insurance cost that you end up with does not have to be exorbitantly high. The full picture of car insurance includes many facets and having some basic knowledge will make the process easier and more efficient.

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